Seduction of a Cyborg

13.08.2016 Seduction of a Cyborg constructs an ecosystem inhabited by hybrid figures that, like parasites, feed off of one another. The works scattered throughout the gallery are bound together by the notion of SF, a term philosopher and biologist Donna Haraway coined to refer to a feminist subgenre of science fiction. “Cyborg monsters in feminist science fiction define quite different political possibilities and limits from those proposed by the mundane fiction of Man and Woman.” Throughout the exhibition, there are references to the figure of the cyborg as conceptualized by Haraway in the eighties, that is, as “a creature in a post-gender world,” a formulation that has since become an icon of feminist emancipation.
Artists: Kiki Kogelnik (Austria, 1935–1997); Lynn Hershman Leeson (USA, 1941); Fernanda Laguna (Argentina, 1972); Elena Dahn (Argentina, 1980); Nicanor Aráoz (Argentina, 1981); David Douard (Francia, 1983); Rochelle Goldberg (Canada, 1984). Guest Curator: Florencia Cherñajovsky. Close: October 1st.


La evaporación del encanto

11.03.2017 La evaporación del encanto de Nani Lamarque. Untill 22.04.17



24.02.2017 Under de Si is an installation, performance and theater project where Luis Garay and Diego Bianchi dismantle the idea of “real” to surrender to impure fiction. Dozens of performers resist, adapt and over-adapt to an unstable system. (24, 25_02, 20:30 hrs).


Matías Duville / Launch MoMA Book

23.02.2017 Ivory press, Madrid, we will be hosting a panel discussion about artists’ books with the participation of May Castleberry (editor of contemporary editions, MoMA), Elena Ochoa Foster and the artists Maria Laet, Matias Duville, Nicolás Paris and Marc Quinn. Include a presentation of The Valise Project, published by MoMA’s Library Council.



22.02.2017 Diego Bianchi and Marcelo Pombo take part in ARGENTINA PLATAFORMA ARCO, Curated by Inés Katzenstein. (Pabellón 7, G12).


ARCO 2017

22.02.2017 BARRO presents works by Nicola Costantino, Matias Duville, Martín Legón, Mondongo and Alejandra Seeber. Pabellón 7, H06. MONDONGO No soy tan joven como para entenderlo todo. Performances to 22 from February 26th.


Matías Duville / Arco Parallel Program

21.02.2017 ARCO Madrid 2017 Parallel Program. En el ejercicio de las cosas. La bella sintaxis. Artists: Eduardo Costa, Matías Duville, Alberto Goldenstein, Nicolás Gullotta, Daniel Joglar, Laura Mema, Agencia de Viajes (Schanton – Ros). Curators: Sonia Becce and Mariano Mayer. Centro Cultural Conde Duque.


Alejandra Seeber at Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid

21.02.2017 Ultramar: Fontana, Kuitca, Seeber, Tessi, on display in two galleries of the permanent collection six paintings by 20th- and 21st- century Argentinean artists – Lucio Fontana, Guillermo Kuitca, Alejandra Seeber and Juan Tessi – which establish a dialogue with the most modern works in the Thyssen-Bornemisza collection.


Martín Legón / Arco Parallel Program

18.02.2017 ARCO Madrid 2017 Parallel Program. En el ejercicio de las cosas. Donde nunca estoy, donde nunca fui. Artists: Carlos Ginzburg, Irene Kopelman, Jaime Davidovich, Martín Legón, Marula Di Como, Valentina Liernur. Curators: Sonia Becce y Mariano Mayer. Casa de Vacas, Parque del Retiro, Madrid.


Nicanor Araoz / Parallel Program Arco

16.02.2017 ARCO Madrid 2017 Parallel Program. En el ejercicio de las cosas. Saber sin mí. Artists: Nicanor Araoz, Paula Castro, Eduardo Costa, Marcelo Galindo, Santiago García Sáenz, Carlos Herrera, Santiago de Paoli, Mariana Telleria, Osías Yanov. Curators: Sonia Becce y Mariano Mayer. En Tabacalera. La Fragua.


El verdadero jardín nunca es verde

06.12.2016 "... The Fountain of Life must have presented itself to Hieronymus Bosch as a vision. It is so complicated a structure and also so monstrous -at a time animal and vegetal. And I wanted to rebuild it verily, but bearing the signs of the time elapsed and encircled by a strange landscape. As if the garden had died and in its place a sort of desert had appeared..." Nicola Costantino.

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